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James was recommended to me by my boss as I was interested in buying my first home. James took the time to explain to me what my maximum budget was and how this changed dependent on the size of my deposit. He also explained how the term of the mortgage can impact the mortgage amount and other factors to be aware of. He explained how much I could expect stamp duty and solicitor fees to be and the different types of surveys that were available. He helped manage my application, first obtaining an approval in principle and then collating the documents the lender needed. I did not need to speak to the lender as James did this on my behalf. He even managed to reduce the cost of the mortgage as the lender reduced their rate after my application was submitted. A painless experience throughout

Miss H. - Hertfordshire

I approached James following a recommendation from family as I was buying a new home but finding in difficult to locate a lender who would consider my income. I had been a director of my limited company for only just over one year at the time I needed to find a mortgage. As the company had been trading for many years beforehand and I was employed by the same company, James was able to agree the mortgage with a high street lender. James has helped me since refinance the mortgage including on an interest only basis. James also helped me obtain life insurance via the business which helps as the premiums are allowable deductions for the business. This was complicated further by the fact that I have an underlying health condition. James was fantastic a pre-agreeing the life insurance before we applied and medical reports were requested.

Mr & Mrs S. - S.E. London

I bought a period property as a development project to convert from a ground floor flat and two-storey house of multiple occupation to a two-storey house and top-floor flat. James helped me by arranging a standard mortgage to purchase the property, remortgaged an existing buy-to-let property and arranged a short-term second charge loan to pay for the work in converting the property. James has since helped me on numerous occasions refinancing my various mortgages. James is an excellent advisor and he always outlines different options and demonstrates a high level of understanding of lenders, both in how they operate and what their requirements are, and therefore gives first-rate advice. The period property purchase was complex and James was outstanding in gaining finance for that property. I highly recommend him to any potential client.

Ms. C. - SW London

I sold a share in a property and wanted to purchase a new “forever” home however my income at the time was insufficient to obtain the mortgage I needed even though my career had excellent prospects. James helped me obtain a mortgage with my aunt acting as guarantor. This was complicated even further by the fact that there were early repayment charges on the previous mortgage. James advised porting (transferring) this mortgage to the new property and arranged a new product shortly after when the fixed rate expired. When the time was right James was also able to remove my guarantor. James has continued to help me find the right mortgage since.  James was also able to advise me as to the right level of life insurance and ensured the policy was placed in trust.

Ms L. - S.W. London

We returned to the UK with our young family after living in Australia for six years. We initially lived with family but were keen to find a home for our family. We knew this would be tricky as our credit histories in the UK had all but stopped. James helped us remortgage two existing buy-to-let properties and found a lender to mortgage the new family home even with our very limited credit history.

Mr & Mrs K. – E. Sussex

I have been using James to arrange my mortgages since 2009. I have a number of buy-to-let properties and over the years have needed to purchase, sell and refinance the various mortgages on these properties. Buy-to-let mortgages are tricky as lenders use different calculations in arriving at the maximum mortgage amount, some impose a maximum portfolio size and some apply calculations on the rent to mortgage on the portfolio. James is always pro-active in finding the best value for money mortgage from the options available.

Mr B. – Middlesex

Having lived in London for the majority of my working life, I was keen to move away from the city to live near the coast and also fulfil my ambition running a bed & breakfast. I owned my own flat in London and the flat above as a rental property. James remortgaged both of these properties to release some of the equity and also helped arrange the commercial mortgage I needed for the bed & breakfast. 

Ms H. - Kent.

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